Gal Gadot addressed a video she shared in March 2020 during the onset of the Covid-19 lockdowns of herself and celebrity friends singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” from home.

Along with Gadot, the video featured celebrities such as Natalie PortmanSarah Silverman, Will FerrelMark RuffaloSia and Leslie Odom Jr, to name a few.

The video was widely mocked and criticized for being out-of-touch and tone-deaf. Gadot has developed a sense of humor on the matter, exemplified by when she began singing “Imagine” while accepting an award at Elle’s 2021 Women in Hollywood event.

She did also admit in her InStyle interview that the video was “In poor taste,” in retrospect. She wanted to make the video because “I was seeing where everything was headed,” the Wonder Woman star said, citing her knowledge of rising Covid numbers in Europe and Israel before the U.S. “All pure intentions,” she said, “but sometimes you don’t hit the bull’s-eye, right?”

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