Gaby Hoffmann notoriously exposed her pubic hair in independent film Crystal Fairy last year, and reprised her au natural nudity in Sunday night’s episode of Girls.

Gaby Hoffmann Talks ‘Girls’ Nude Scene

For Girls, Hoffmann bared it all – just as it was written for her by Girls writer and star Lena Dunham, who also happens to be a good friend of Hoffmann’s. “It was written into the script,” Hoffmann told Vulture, explaining that it wasn’t her idea. “I’m sure Lena said when we were at the read-through, How do you feel about that? or something, and I was like, ‘It’s funny, let’s do it.’ I’m sure there was some exchange like that — I don’t remember it. But she wrote it in the script and I had certainly nothing to say about it.”

Although Hoffmann’s decision not to wax has sparked a dialogue about female beauty ideals, Hoffmann says that when she’s making a movie it’s not about her or her politics; it’s about the part. “I’m not making a statement. If Lena is, we didn’t talk about it. I do think this culture could use a little bit of a, you know — I think everybody would be served to relax a little bit about nudity and things related to nudity and get off everybody’s back on that subject, and maybe look at everyone’s relationship to violence, for instance.“

“So, if I am contributing to a sort of opening up of that and a look at maybe reorganizing our puritanical views on that s–t, then I’m happy to be making that statement,” she added.


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Hoffmann On ‘Brave’ Nudity, ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie

While Hoffmann might not feel strongly one way or the other about getting naked on camera, she does take issue with the “offensive” idea that women like her and Dunham are “brave” for showing their bodies. “I’m offended when I hear people say it about Lena,” Hoffmann said, “Because I think Lena’s gorgeous and I don’t think people are saying the same thing when Jessica Alba or whoever strips down, because she conforms to what we decided is beautiful — and that’s the implication for me in saying that Lena’s brave or that I’m brave because I don’t have any plucked this or skinny that or I don’t know what.”

Hoffmann did have a “plucked this” while filming the Veronica Mars movie reboot, in which she plays a crazed fan of a murdered pop singer. “I don’t show my pubic hair in the movie, but funnily enough, there was this line in the script that I open my legs. I’m wearing a miniskirt, and I expose my underwear and crotch to one of the characters. So I actually waxed my bikini line for that, because I determined that this character would not have pubic hair,” Hoffman revealed. “But I know for certain that you don’t see anything and it was a total waste of a wax and I f–ked up my pubic hair for it. I’ll tell ya, I don’t get it. I don’t know how people do this waxing thing.”

Best known for her earlier work in movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, Now and Then and Field of Dreams, Hoffmann went on hiatus from acting for a while, but is now involved in multiple projects. Wild, which also stars Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern, is coming out in 2014, as is TV movie Transparent with Jeffrey Tambor and Amy Landecker.

– Chelsea Regan

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