Magic Mike, the Steven Soderbergh-directed Channing Tatum male stripper movie also starring Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Alex Pettyfer, doesn't hit theaters until June 29, but from the moment Warner Bros. gave it the green light there has been no shortage of salivating.

Luckily, we live in a post-Sex and the City world, where women are free to ogle every inch of Joe Manganiello and also to speak openly about their vaginas (except in Michigan), so Twitter is a good place to look for all those lascivious thoughts about thongs, thighs and thexy thrippers.

Here are ten of our favorite Magic Mike tweets:

1. @WomensHumor: "That Magic Mike movie looks like it's going to be great." Translation: "Channing Tatum is so hot, I'd watch him take the SAT."

2. @danCLYNE: "Still, I suppose I have to see Magic Mike once. I mean it IS Soderbergh." – closeted film students

3. @kellyoxford: Had a dream that an email was circulating saying that I screwed Magic Mike. Just want to say I didn't.

4. @BigBoyler: So excited about my lead role in the sequel to 'Magic Mike'. In theatres Easter 2013, 'Magimix Mick'-the story of a flapjack chef.

5. @Hoodie3: I may have to see Magic Mike more than once-just so I understand all the thrusts & twists in the plot.

6. @cityrider49: Men, want to see how you look when a Victoria's Secret commercial comes on? Just watch your lady watching the "Magic Mike" commercial.

7. @MovieHumor: "Dear God, I'm not asking for much. Can you please just make Magic Mike in IMAX 3D? Thanks." – Said every girl.

8. @feistyfrank: You know Magic Mike is going to be a great movie when Matthew McConaughey is the least attractive of the bunch.

9. @FreeThePee: My 66 year old grandma said she wants to see Magic Mike… um not sure how to take that

10. @LOL_barber: So is Magic Mike supposed to be the female version of Piranhas?

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