A video showing two Bosnian men playing a strange game of frisbee in the ocean has gone viral. The video now has over two million views, and has spread laughter throughout the internet.

Viral Video Of Bosnian Guys Playing Frisbee

In the YouTube video “Bosnian Guys Playing Frisbee,” two men are seen at a beach, in their swim trunks in the shallow end of the water. The camera moves closer to the men, and we watch as the guys move a few inches away from each other attempt to throw a frisbee.

The comedy starts to kick in as the two guys appear to have no clue how to throw a frisbee. One guy picks up the frisbee and pulls his arm back as if he’s about to throw a baseball pitch. The other one flings the frisbee with his arm raised like he’s throwing a girly punch in a cat-fight.

Most frisbee players understand the fun in watching the way the frisbee spins through the air, and the difficulty in flicking your wrist to make sure it transfers smoothly when you throw it.

It’s hilarious to watch as the frisbee goes back and forth between the men, tumbling into the water awkwardly — instead of twisting around in a straight line like it’s suppose to.

The real question to ask is this: Are these Bosnian guys really that clueless about playing frisbee or are they pretending to suck just for fun?


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