Ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes abruptly ended their marriage, the jokes have been pouring out from all directions, not only because Cruise is one of the world's biggest movie stars (if not the biggest) but also because, as we found out when he was on the cusp of marrying Holmes five years ago, the dude's kind of a whack job. Like, seriously.

You probably already know the punch line to most digs aimed at the Top Gun star, whether it be about his Scientology, short stature or mad desire for control, but we went to Twitter to dig up a few new ones. Here they are, our top ten favorite Tom Cruise tweets:

1. @dazgale — Paranormal Activity 3 is trending. Paranormal Activity 4 will be released later this year and is rumoured to be set in Tom Cruise's bedroom.

2. @ElKnuckelhombre — The next Mission Impossible movie is about Tom Cruise trying to reach a cup in the cabinet above his oven without a step stool.

3. @LOLGOP — "Why did Katie Holmes stay with Tom Cruise?" asks country who reelected George W. Bush.

4. @jannarden — Personally, I don't mind a man that I can carry in my gym bag….Tom Cruise is perfect in so many ways.

5. @MrScottEddy — Scientology is the study of keeping Tom Cruise relevant.

6. @keithcalder — A manic pill-popper runs from the ghosts of his ruined relationships. Tom Cruise *is* PACMAN

7. @izrigrod — I don't care what you guys say, a Tom Cruise sounds like a pretty awesome vacation.

8. @ChaseMit — Tom Cruise to play Tom Cruise in "The Secret Escape of Katie Holmes." Katie Holmes to be played by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

9. @lleavitt92 — I'm so glad Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes are divorced. I'm sure Katie enjoyed changing her Facebook relationship status to "escaped"

10. @peteec — Tom Cruise, actor/scientologist < Tom Kruse, inventor of the Hoveround power chair.

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