Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain's latest campaign video begins rather normally — Cain's chief of staff, Mark Block, talks to the camera about Cain's virtues. But at about two thirds of the way through the minute-long ad, something weird happens. Block, his eyes still locked into the camera, takes a long, dramatic drag on a cigarette.

Say it with us: WTF?!?

The unintentionally hilarious and bizarre ad sent shockwaves across the Internet on Tuesday, and the video subsequently went viral. So to sum up what people are saying about Cain now, we've assembled a handful of tweets. Although, interestingly, not all of the tweets address the campaign ad, because, well, let's just say it's not the first crazy thing Cain has done.

10. "Wait, wait, wait — Herman Cain is *real*?" —Larry Fahey

9. "Herman Cain is doing well and all, but he's screwed the minute the Burger King announces his candidacy."
—Brian Heater

8. "Maybe the Herman Cain ad was designed to make President Obama suddenly crave a cigarette." —jimgeraghty

7. "Every time Mitt fumbles, I worry about losing my bet with @BenGoodman. Then I watch that Herman Cain ad and feel better." —Matthew Cain

6. "Takes herman cain 8 seconds to smile…slow smile contest!" —Meredith C. Rogers

5. "So, apparently Don King is a Herman Cain supporter. Don King really needs to mow his hair." —Xeni Jardin

4. "Herman Cain completely imploding over the next few months is going to be more fun to watch than @CharlieSheen on a bender." —William K. Wolfrum

3. "Herman Cain is scrapping his 9-9-9 plan and replacing it with a 36-24-36* plan. *(but only if she's 5'3")." —Nick Stadler

2. "Herman Cain updates his 9-9-9 Plan. Adds free garlic bread." —Mike Monteiro

1. "Hey Herman Cain, if your ads could [be] interpreted as performance art, you're doing them wrong." —Meghan McCain

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  • Matthew Zingg
    Matthew Zingg on

    Cain is a smoker's rights advocate, after all. But still…is this his cooky attempt at subliminal messages? I heard a Fox pundit saying it was Cain's way of weeding out the east and west coast elites from the true, working-class Americans. WTF indeed.

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