U.S. rower Henrik Rummel and his coxless team were awarded the bronze medal today at the London 2012 Games, but all anyone could focus on was his package. A Reddit user posted an image of Rummel in which he seemed to be sporting a larger-than-life bulge, with the suggestive comment: “One US rower was particularly excited by his Bronze medal.” The note prompted a response from Rummel, who denied that it was an erection: “I swear it’s not erect!” Rummel said. “I don’t know why it ended up in that position but there you go.” Right. Despite his efforts to quell the rumors, the photo and its accompanying comments continue to make jaws drop across the country. One supportive Reddit user even felt the need to rise to Rummel's defense, opining: “Dude when you win a medal in the goddamn olympics your penis can be however you want. You earned it.” We took to Twitter to see if others agreed. Here are our top ten perky penis tweets:

1. “Henrik Rummel! U can wear your rowing outfit (and your erection) anytime! Wow! I love the rowing uniforms – leaves nothing 2 the imagination” — @GraceQuek

2. “US Olympic Rower Henrik Rummel, Very "excited" by his bronze medal win…” — @stevepena1

3. “I'd like to Henrik his Rummel! HELLO!” — @DuckyDoesTV

4. “Congrats to Henrik Rummel and his teammates on winning the bronze in the Cox-less 4s ( I don't think so ).” — @RobbieFoxsTempe

5. “Wonder how many people googled Henrik Rummel just then.” — @TrakensWard

6. “Watching the UK rowing fours get their gold medal, it was all overshadowed by Henrik Rummel of the USA's terrifying trouser python #olympics” — @thunderchilde

7. “Henrik Rummel the yank rower with a weapon on show! #motherislovingit” — @StewartYetton

8. “Giant Rowing Bulge! (USA's Henrik Rummel).” — @ilomana

9. “Oh dear, How tight??” — @gypsyroadhog

10. “Of course we believe you Henrik Rummel, your erection clearly isn't erect.” — @TudorHenry

Can you spot the Rummel?

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