Black Friday may still be two days away, but Twitter has already gone wild on the subject of the post-Thanksgiving pseudo-holiday. Using the hashtag #Blackfriday, Twitter denizens have been mocking Black Friday mercilessly. Uinterview has collected some of our favorite funny tweets about the most notorious shopping day of the year.

10. Black Friday = Hunger games of America — @VillaMyNilla

9. If the world's going to end on 12/21 do you really need to get up at dawn for Black Friday? — @AskDrRuth

8. I've kind of always wanted to go black Friday shopping and tackle someone … just for the hell of it. — @CieraHardyman

7. Why don't liquor stores have black friday sales?!?! — @h0tmessproblems

6. Black Friday tip: Take all your brain's resources that usually show concern for human dignity and divert them to finding a Blu-ray player — @Shanehasabeard

5. Kohl's uses 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' for their Black Friday ad. An odd but potentially appropriate choice since it evokes awakening apes. — @John_M15

4. This is going to be a long weekend for someone who dislikes eating and has no money. #Thanksgiving #BlackFriday — @stephens_austin

3. is it appropriate to call black friday black or should i call it african american friday — @cocainequeeen

2. Camping out in front of the marijuana store with my wife and kids waiting for the Black Friday specials. — @genepompa

1. I can't wait for Black Friday or as Romney calls it "Urban Area" Friday. — @joshgad

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