Teamster Jimmy Hoffa famously disappeared over 37 years ago, but the once cold trail has flared up again thanks to the tip of a former gambler with ties to the Detroit mafia that supposedly put him in the ground. The mystery is not so much whodunit, although suspects include a wide range of men from mobsters Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano to Hoffa's friend Charles 'Chuckie' O'Brien and fellow Teamster Frank Sheeran — but the real enigma has always been Hoffa's whereabouts. Until now. An alleged witness told police recently that he saw someone bury what were presumably Hoffa's remains outside a suburban residence in Roseville, Mich., in 1975, although he had remained quiet since then out of fear. While police prepare to drill through the accused driveway, we brace for what could be the revelation of one of the greatest mysteries of modern crime — and Twitter users, in their infinite wisdom, throw in their two cents, speculating on the actual location of Hoffa's burial site and the possible treasures that may lie with the legendary victim. Here are the Top 10 Funniest Tweets About Jimmy Hoffa:

1. I heard @KimKardashian's gynecologist found Jimmy Hoffa. —@ThrobbbNHood

2. If they really wanna find Jimmy Hoffa's body? Hire Barry from Storage Wars. 2 hours tops. —@denisleary

3. I finally finished reading the iTunes license agreement. There's directions to where Jimmy Hoffa is buried on page 7,612. —@JustAGuy___

4. It’s time for us all to stop thinking so literally and accept that Jimmy Hoffa is buried inside each of us. —@Remiel

5. It's common knowledge in most political circles that Chris Christie ate Jimmy Hoffa's body. —@GoodBadTerrible

6. Jimmy Hoffa must be buried in that now infamous Seattle end zone. —@unclebarkycom

7. First piece of Fukushima debris shows up in Hawaii. It's a large blue plastic bin and Jimmy Hoffa and Amila Earhart are in it. —@oldivory

8. News Alert! Gov. Romney's taxes rumored to be buried with Jimmy Hoffa. —@TheRichardLewis

9. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Jimmy Hoffa is the best hide and seek player the world has ever had. —@endrunklopedia

10. Jimmy Hoffa, possibly found. And O's and Athletics could make the playoffs. All in the same year. —@Buster_ESPN

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