For the millions of people who will choose to see Madea's Witness Protection this weekend, Tyler Perry-in-drag's boisterous grandmother can apparently do no wrong. But for those who are either (a) fed up with a joke that hasn't been funny since 2005 or (b) fed up with a joke that was never funny, there is one place besides the multi-plex where plenty of laughter can be found: Twitter.

Here are 10 of our favorite Madea-related tweets:

1. @ZingCrosby — Madea's "Witness Protection" is coming out this weekend. I wish Tyler Perry would start working on Madea's "Terminal Illness".

2. @FakeParamount — First Tyler Perry ripped off Ernest Goes To Jail & now it's Larry The Cable Guy's Witless Protection. Pauley Shore, your Jury Duty is next!

3. @eliyudin — How pissed are we gonna be when we find out Tyler Perry is Andy Kaufman

4. @_iamextra — I Hate Tyler Perry Like They Way White People Hate When Black People Move In Their Neighborhood

5. @JRStacconi — Sure, I like Obama, but what has he done to protect us from more Tyler Perry movies?

6. @iChArnold — People will slander Tyler Perry for misrepresenting African Americans, but will watch Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and RHOA.

7. @DanaJGould — Hey MORONS! If Madea's going into witness protection, don't advertise it all over town!

8. @juliasegal — It's annoying when people assume Tyler Perry does every job & role in his movies, for example, he doesn't do the craft services! Madea does.

9. @mybandowen — That Katy Perry movie looks like the WORST Tyler Perry movie ever! I can totally tell that's her dressed up as her gramma.

10. @brenaejl —Can Madea go to Outer Space and not come back? "Tyler Perry Writing Sci-Fi Movie; Was Disappointed by PROMETHEUS https://"

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