Much to the relief of players, owners, fans and just about everybody but their replacements, NFL referees returned to work on Thursday after reaching a deal with the league over game officials' pensions, benefits and salaries, which are set to increase from an average of $149,000 a year in 2011 to $173,000 in 2013. "We are sorry to have to put our fans through that, but in the short term it's something you have to do to make sure you get the right type of agreement for the long term," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said of the negotiations in a statement. "It is painful in the process."

Painful, indeed — especially for the Green Bay Packers, who lost a game to the Seattle Seahawks because of a missed call by the Foot Locker temps, who haven't exactly lived up to their full-time counterparts' standards. "Never thought I would be excited for the refs to come back to work but it's about time, it was definitely necessary!" Cleveland return specialist Josh Cribbs tweeted this morning — and he certainly wasn't the only one glad to welcome the real refs back, as celebrities like Olympian Lolo Jones joined the relieved crowds on Twitter. Now that it's all over, we can go back to enjoying football without worrying about wild Hail Marys and overlooked interceptions. Here are Uinterview's Top 10 Funniest Tweets About NFL Referees:

10. Next stop for the replacement referees: Telemarketing. Making more bad calls.—@ShawnGarrett

9. And that concludes "My Wish" where Foot Locker employees get to become NFL referees—@BScalabrine24


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8. The replacement referees blew a call? NOW I know why Steve was screaming at the TV. I thought Paul Ryan was giving a speech.—@JoyVBehar

7. Lets step away from the replacement referees and admire Tom Brady's hair—@NFL_Memes

6. In hindsight, maybe an 800 slide PowerPoint presentation wasn’t the most effective way to train the replacement referees.” – Roger Goodell—@FlyoverJoel

5. Someone call Liam Neeson and tell him Roger Goodell has taken our referees.—@markstrot

4. "Siri, was that a touchdown or interception?" – Replacement Referees —@BScalabrine24

3. You don't know what you got till it's gone. Kind of like good referees.—@TheTimmyTebow

2. I'm pretty sure the replacement NFL referees still have a higher approval rating than Congress.@WillMcAvoyACN

1. and now my blind cousin is out of job as a temp ref.—@lolojones

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