Diehard Twilight fans around the world were devastated to learn that Kristen Stewart cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. As photos emerged of Stewart and Sanders kissing and hugging affectionately in a car in broad daylight, leaving no doubts as to the identity and nature of the couple’s encounter, fans began to react to the shocking news on their blogs and YouTube channels.

"It's like all I know is a lie," a disappointed Kristen Stewart supporter says of the confirmed infidelity in a 30-minute long reaction video in which she discusses the subject with several of her friends (and family members).

While some expressed disillusionment, others veered on anger and lashed out against Stewart for upsetting the idyllic relationship. "If Rob can't even trust Kristen, how am I supposed to trust anyone?" a fan asks before burying his head in his hands and falling to the ground.

But no reaction proved as compelling — or as viral — as that of the young female British fan whose video rant “How could you do this Kristen?” manages to cover all of the seven stages of grief in under five minutes. The video has already amassed over one million views on YouTube and counting. "Leave them alone!" warns the hysterical fan before bursting into crocodile tears.

Watch our top three reaction video picks, ranging from amusing to sheer mind-boggling:


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