With the holiday gift-giving season in full swing, deliverymen will be working overtime helping Santa out with those packages that won't fit down the chimney. But some deliverymen may find themselves with lumps of coal in their stockings due to some very naughty behavior. Others, meanwhile, will be weeping into their plum pudding over their disastrously epic delivery fails.

1. Check out this Fed-Ex worker, who decided it was just too much trouble to delicately place a flat-screen television on the recipient's doorstep. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for our funny bones), a security camera caught the whole thing.

2. Ever wait patiently for Domino's to deliver an extra-large hand-tossed pepperoni, tip an uncharacteristically rushed delivery guy an extra twenty percent, then open the box to find your pie horribly mangled and encrusted with gravel? You're not alone.

3. You gotta admit: catering is a tough gig. Not only do you have to prepare delicious gourmet food and keep it at a comfortably edible temperature, but you have to meticulously transport said food from point A to point B, which may or may not be handicap accessible. The worst that can happen is actually really, really bad.

4. Installing a brand new pool in the backyard of your very own home is, like, the American Dream. In this next video, witness what happens when that dream becomes a nightmare.

5. Attention all mail truck drivers: please make sure you have put your mail truck securely in park before you hop out of that gaping hole regular vehicles fill with a door.

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  • Matthew Zingg
    Matthew Zingg on

    That last one was the greatest. The pizza delivery one was pretty funny too.

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