In one of the scariest "The lady doth protest too much!" scenarios in recent memory, the Centers for Disease Control (or CDC) declared last week that zombies, despite what you may have heard (or witnessed), do not exist. Period.

OK, maybe it's true — zombies do not exist in our world, per se, but there is one place where they run rampant in all their face-eating glory: the internet. Specifically, Twitter.

For proof, check out these zombie-related tweets:

1. "'Oh my god! She's eating Spinderella's face!!' – something you'd hear at a Bathing Salt n' Pepa concert" —@ NickadooLA

2. "Romney: 'When I'm President, it will be a crime to eat someone's face unless they're poor, gay, or a woman.'" —@ BorowitzReport

3. "You know we'll all be too busy tweeting about the Zombie apocalypse when it happens right? We're doomed." —@ Cumical

4. "'@whit_erickson: What would be the first thing you would grab in a zombie apocalypse?' A spice girls record and loud speakers #safe" —@fosterthepeople

5. "If the Zombie Apocalypse is going to be anything like the Thriller video I'm not really scared." —@kimwilliamz

6. "Today is National Running Day. What we're running from this year: the zombie apocalypse." —@ Disalmanac

7. "I imagine the Zombie Apocalypse will feel exactly like Monday mornings." —@ MadeaSimmons_

8. "Hey, I just met you/ and this is crazy/ but I’m high on bath salts/ and your face looks tasty." —@ blakegraham

9. "Autopsy of Miami zombie/cannibal reveals he chewed up but didn't actually eat that dude's face. So perhaps we've judged him unfairly." —@ JoeDeVitoComedy

10. "Another 'zombie' attack in Louisiana. If zombies are real, than X-Men are real.. Quit hiding out." —@ MCEddieRuffin


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