The retired space shuttle Enterprise made its ceremonial flight over New York City on Friday, resulting in the mass confusion and disappointment of Brooklyn hipsters who expected to see the Star Trek Enterprise (pictured) flying over. But many older other New Yorkers were so excited to see the baby shuttle carried piggy-back style by the NASA 747 jet that many of them went to the roofs of their office buildings, positioned their iPhones, took one or 37 Instagram pics and then spent the rest of the morning staring at and tweeting said Instagram pics, captioned with messages like these:

1. "NYC: Space shuttle Enterprise is about to fly over you. Put on your tinfoil helmets & take your pants off or you'll get 'space lupus.'" — @robdelaney

2. "If you live in NYC, and do not make a special point of watching the Space #Shuttle fly past today, you are boring and I feel bad for you." — @RubyDeuce

3. "I'd like to think the Space #Shuttle Enterprise and the 747 towing it are BFF4E." — @KristenHSten

4. "The TV people have no idea where the plane is. They just keep panning the remote camera this way and that hoping to see something. #shuttle." — @bcriscuolo

5. "The whole offce just emptied to got to the roof and YES we did see the #enterprise #shuttle fly by on piggyback!" — @marcoraab

6. "The battle for earth begins! RT @juliansuchman: Enterprise #shuttle and ominous Battleship billboard." — @FrankJOswald

7. "If the @Instagram Popular page isn't all #Shuttle pictures at least ONCE today, the ONE DIRECTION fans will have truly won." — @jorcohen

8. "Leave it to a room full of boys to say 'We'll have airplane/shuttle babies soon.' #Shuttle over NYC." — @CherylAddams

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