Before Saturday's string of out-of-tune performances on Saturday Night Live, musical guest Lana Del Rey was a little known singer quickly becoming a household name on the virtues of her impressive singing talent, lovely looks and hipster-chic music videos. Now, she's the laughing stock of the entire internet.

Not only have SNL viewers and ubiquitous Twitter users commented on Del Rey's performances, but actress/musician Juliette Lewis couldn't even hold back on the newcomer. "Wow watching this 'singer' on SNL is like watching a 12 yearold in their bedroom when theyre pretending to sing and perform #signofourtimes," Lewis tweeted Saturday (the post has since been deleted).

Meanwhile, other writers have plumbed the nether regions of their Thesauruses, trying to find language to convey just how bad Del Rey's vocals were. "The perpetually pouty Instagrammed pout monster that is Lana Del Rey appeared on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and … stunk up the joint," Leah Beckmann wrote on Gawker.

Others tried using metaphors to describe it. "The passport of Lana's voice filled up last night, because it was all over the place…. The way she moved too. Lord. It was like someone threatened to shoot all of her loved ones if she didn't give the performance of her life and she doesn't really love her loved ones, but doesn't want them to know that, so she just Meh-ed her way through it," wrote Michael K on D-Listed.

Still others simply tweeted their surprise, disgust and outrage. Here are five our favorites:

1. So what you're telling me is that Lana Del Rey isn't a housing development outside Ft. Lauderdale? —Richard Lawson

2. "Lana del Rey's performance on SNL last night really legitimized her career and proved she is a capable performer." -No one (Daniel Pesick)

3. Not crazy about that new Kristen Wiig character "Lana Del Rey." —Chris Kula

4. Lana Del Rey's next song is called "Muted Television While People Brush Their Teeth And Prepare For Bed" —@ranggrol

5. Stayed up to watch Lana Del Rey on #SNL only to discover she's basically a drunk Julia Roberts trying to remember her own lyrics —Tom Morton

Watch a video of Del Rey's performance here:

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