Ryan Gosling is quick with the bon mot. After talking to journalists at the Cannes Film Festival Sunday, he teased director Nicholas Winding Refn, who won the best director award at Cannes, about his florid language — he often compares movie making to love making. "Making a movie for me is the closest thing I’ll get to having sex outside of my marriage because I believe in one woman-one man," said Refn. "Filmmaking is like fucking and that’s what you do — you fuck."

So when Rafn summoned Gosling over to recall their car trip home after discussing Drive for the first time, the puckish actor engaged in some playful banter with his director:

Nicolas Rafn: Ryan, I told them—

Ryan Gosling: You make love like an eagle falling out of the sky or that you killed me in a Sensei duel?

Nicolas: No, I told them that—you know what I should have realized? In a way, that car ride home [after their first meeting]…

Ryan: I lost my virginity to you?

Nicolas: You took advantage of me!

Ryan: I did.

Nicolas: You turned on soft rock, got the mood going, get me emotional, wined up.

Ryan: I wined and dined you, put on sexy music.

Nicolas: And we got it.

Ryan: I gave you a movie-baby!

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