Oh, Pan Am. How we really wish we could get on board with you! In this economy, it pains us to see all those promotional dollars go down the vacuum-powered toilet. Ever since we saw The Addams Family Values we swore we would watch anything and everything that billed Christina Ricci, but you tricked us, Pan Am — she's tragically underused. And for some reason her character is not named after a day of the week. What's up with that?

Thankfully, we have Twitter to remind us that we are not alone in this world. Here's a list of the top ten tweets that say, in 140 characters or less, exactly what we were thinking during Pan Am's premiere last night.

10. "I have no idea what pan am is about and I watched the whole thing." —HULKO

9. "Anyone who likes sci-fi should check out Pan Am. The show takes place in some strange parallel universe where in the 60's, nobody smoked." —Michael Henley

8. "So far, Pan Am feels like it's created by executives who wish women still had to be weighed for their jobs." —Karen Dalton Beninato

7. "I'd be much more inclined to watch 'Pan Am' if it were called 'The Mile High Club' & was on Cinemax. At midnight." —Jimmy Ettele

6. "Not enough Kelli Garner boob." —Rasheed Devon Fields

5. "I didn't watch Pan Am last night. Enjoyed it so much, I won't watch again next week." —Jeffrey Rich

4. "I spotted one black person on Pan Am. That person was the maid." —Keisean Khaleed

3. "I can't believe the fantastic product placement Pan Am is getting from this show! Oh… wait… that airline doesn't fly anymore. Crud." —Rob Pegoraro

2. "How badly did the development exec who approved Pan Am want to call it 'Mad Women?'" —Will Hines

1. "I expect every pilot episode with a plane in it to end up crashing on a tropical island." —Brett Erlich

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  • antonioberryman
    antonioberryman on

    My friend seemed to have liked the show. I was going to watch it and see what it was about too. I guess I shouldn't waste my time.

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