Every year, Mother's Day comes along, and every year, you find an uncharacteristically innovative way to screw it up. You wait till the last minute to buy a gift and decide, for reasons that will never be clear, on a gift basket full of scrunchies and lavender-scented hand lotion. (Nevermind that your mom hates lavender and hasn't worn a scrunchy since 1991 — it's the thought that counts.)

Hey, at least you remembered Mother's Day this year, which is more than most of the world's ungrateful adult children can say. But before you purchase your dear ole mum a gift, watch these videos. They're full of BAD gift ideas that you should never, under any circumstances, replicate.

1. Courtesy of Teleflora, this commercial features some of the absolutely worst Mother's Day gift ideas made by daughters, sons and husbands across the country. But you know what they say — one mom's trash is another person's hilarious YouTube video.

2. What could be cuter than a gift-card strapped to a balloon hand-delivered by your mom's favorite pooch? What could possibly go wrong with this idea?!

3. All any mother wants is to hear her praises sung, right? Saturday Night Live's Will Forte obliges.

4. And here's another sing-able ode to the person who provided you with half of your DNA:

5. Of course, you could always channel your inner Satan and do this.

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