With nearly 18 million Twitter followers — one million for every year he's been alive — Justin Bieber can't slip peacefully into adulthood the way most of us do. From the moment the clock struck midnight on March 1, 2012, fangirls of all ages were ready to welcome the Biebs to a new and even bigger stage in his already enormous career, one beyond the protective walls of upper lip peach fuzz and statuatory rape laws. Bieber, they collectively said, you's a man now.

But not everyone found cause to celebrate. Some were puzzled, some angry, and some — a little antsy about apocalopytic prophecies — curled themselves into a fetal position and hummed "baby, baby, oh baby," now an Old World anthem.

Here are our favorite Bieber-related tweets:

1. "Hard to believe that Justin Bieber was born in Ontario 18 years ago today and nobody has sent a killer robot back in time to stop it." —@DeathStarPR


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2. "Just because it's Justin Bieber's 18th birthday doesn't mean it's not creepy when you act excited and call him legal. He looks 12." —@tyleroakley

3. "Justin Bieber is 18 today, finally. @JustinBieber, come to grandma." —BettyFckinWhite

4. "If you didn't cry watching @justinbieber on Ellen yesterday, you're probably dead inside. Or employed." —@kellybergin

5. "All the cougars feel a little less pervy today." —@roboseyo

6. "Wishing yesterday was @justinbieber's birthday instead of today. That way, we could only celebrate it every four years." —@Steve_Campbell

7. "I wonder how long will it takes Justin Bieber to drop a condom on the red carpet." —@Eli_Wyn

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