First Rick Perry, now this. Republican presidential hopeful and former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain couldn't seem to gather his thoughts (assuming there were any to gather) when the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asked him if he liked how Obama handled Libya. After an agonizing interim of pausing and scrambling, Cain still failed come up with a straightforward answer — but the Twitterverse didn't hold back on what they thought about it. Here are 10 of the funniest tweets we found:

10. "'I disagree with Obama's handling of Libya. Mommar Gadhafi never should have been evicted from Zuccotti Park' – Herman Cain" —Jim Norton

9. "Hermain Cain: Im sorry sir but which Libya are you questiong me about? The one in N.Korea?" —@smileyt22

8. "For the next debate, let's just have the mysterious 'voice' in Cain's head debate the ones in Bachmann's head." —Steven Metz

7. "BREAKING: Like many men, Herman Cain has no idea what or where the Libya is." —Fake Dispatch

6. "Herman Cain observes a moment of silence for Libya whenever he's asked a question about it." —Andy Borowitz

5. "God bless America and the US Republican Party for putting forward candidates EVEN I'M quite clearly smarter than." —Jason Whittaker

4. "So are we at the point where you can say, Herman Cain really Rick Perry'd that question? " —Ezra Klein

3. "Could you please use "Libya" in a sentence?" —Ezra Klein

2. "I'm watching Herman Cain collect his thoughts on Libya and now it's 3 hours later." —Keith Stewart

1. "Libya?!? I NEVER touched that or ANY woman's libya!" —Joseph J. Santorsa

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    All 10 of those tweets were great.

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