It's that time of year again, Halloween! Never ones to miss an occasion to dress up in sexy, scary or otherwise notable getups, celebrities have taken to Twitter to tweet their upcoming plans and costumes and make light of this one-of-a-kind holiday. Here are some of Uinterview's favorite celebrity tweets about All Hallows' Eve!

10. Happy Halloween to all of the dentists out there. #Candy #Chewy #Teeth #FlashBack #BitOHoney #Fillings #Disaster #NeverForget #Werewolf — Demetri Martin / @DemetriMartin

9. I don't dress up because I wear costumes for a living! — Kevin Bacon / @kevinbacon

8. So, who dressed up as a journalist for Halloween? — Will McAvoy / @WillMcAvoyACN

7. Happy Halloween, Yoda got a spray tan, got drunk and is going as Snooki. — Darth Vader / @DepressedDarth

6. My Halloween Costume: Disney Lawyer. AND I WIlL SUBPEONA EVERY KID IN A STAR WARS COSTUME I SEE TONIGHT!!! — Damon Lindelof / @DamonLindelof

5. Fear not folks, Ann Coulter hasn't cloned herself, those are just people dressed as witches for #Halloween. — Dave Rubin / @RubinReport

4. Halloween: My son was going to go as a Donut With Teeth, now he is going as a Shark With Legs In His Mouth.#Causeforconcern? — Steve Carell / @SteveCarell

3. Happy #Halloween #allhallowseve my pretty ones. I have a scary hangover and devilish headache after a 3am Karaoke session last night — Dominic Monaghan / @DomsWildThings

2. Halloween is right around the corner. You can tell because all the stores are decked out for Christmas. — Stephen Colbert / @StephenAtHome

1. Bravo to Governor Christie from New Jersey. He's so dedicated to the cleanup he cancelled Halloween…now he can eat all the candy himself! — Joan Rivers / @Joan_Rivers

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