With the Fuller House premiere less then a week away on Netflix, Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier decided to give Jimmy Fallon dressed as his version of Donald Trump, some advice on how to handle losing the GOP nomination.

The scene opens with Fallon/Trump in Michelle Olsen’s old bedroom. A poster of Trump can be spotted on the wall opposite the host and Saget.

“I know I won in New Hampshire, my numbers were huge,” Trump said to Saget. “But I’m afraid if I don’t win the nomination everyone will think I’m a loser.”

“Donald, I know winning is very important to you, but sometimes it’s ok to lose,” Saget said, consoling Trump.

The rest of the cast – Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Lori Laughlin — also join the others in the bedroom surrounding Trump.

It wouldn’t be a reunion without the infamous Kimmy Gibbler played by Andrea Barber to barge in on the family.

“Ola Trumperinos,” said Barber as Saget scolds her for not being invited.

“I know how we can keep her out,” Fallon/Trump responded. “We need to build a giant wall. No more Giblers until we figure out what is going on and we make her pay for it.”

The cast, including Fallon, sang the show’s famous theme song before ending the skit.

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