While dedicated cameras will always retain their market space, the convenience of smartphones allows anyone to take snapshots on the fly. Since pictures are so readily taken on mobile devices, Fujifilm is creating a new printer for smartphones, the Instax Share SP-3.


Launched Nov. 17, the compact Instax Share SP-3 will be available in two hues, black and white. Fujifilm’s latest product will cost $199.99. Its rechargeable battery can print out an estimated 160 pictures before requiring rejuvenation, and the SP-3’s prints will span 800 by 800 pixels.

Fujifilm’s newest device continues the progress of its predecessors. The Share SP-2 innovated by giving consumers an easy-to-use machine capable of printing Instax prints, and the SP-3 will also allow for users to print their pictures in the Instax SQUARE Film format. Fujifilm is excited to supply customers with the means to share their images from social media with each other.

A companion app for smartphones will allow you to link your devices together. The app is a free download for both Android and iOS mobile devices. (Alternatively, you can sync your Instax Share SP-3 with the cameras in Fujifilm’s X-series.) The app’s “collage template” feature allows users to splice up to nine images together into one cohesive picture, whereas the useful “my template” option gives artists the option to insert text onto their pictures. Additional filters will be useable, too. Moreover, the app can read images stored on your social media profiles, and this SP iteration is compatible with Dropbox, Flickr and Google Photos.

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