Connie Britton discussed the chances of a Friday Night Lights movie, and what her onscreen husband Kyle Chandler feels about the idea, with E! News on the red carped of the Fragrance Foundation Awards on Wednesday.

When asked about the possible film adaptation of the hit series, Britton replied, "When they asked the question at the [Austin Television Festival] panel I kind of looked over at Kyle, because I feel like he and I are sort of on different sides of the fence with the movie idea.” She then added, “I think it's going to be up to more than just us, actually. But we'll see. It'll be fun, I think."

Britton wasn’t the only one who weighed in on the likelihood of Friday Night Lights making it to the big screen. Scott Porter, who played paralyzed quarterback Jason Street on the show, told Entertainment Weekly,“I’d put 50/50 odds on it. I’m so scared we would never be able to top the show. And I wouldn’t want what we did together tarnished in any way.” Porter added that in order for the concept to take flight, Britton and Chandler would both need to be on board, in addition to series creator Peter Berg and series director and co-executive producer Jeff Reiner.

Friday Night Lights was on the air for five seasons – from 2006 to 2011 – and ended on what many would call a high note. While fans and those involved in the show alike may desire more time with the Taylors and the Dillon Panthers, there might be more wisdom in letting the critically acclaimed handful of seasons speak for themselves.

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