A freaky new species of anglerfish was discovered in the deep ocean in the Gulf of Mexico.

New Species Of Anglerfish Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico

According to a new study, researchers at the Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography discovered the freaky fish at depths between 3281 feet and 4921 feet.

Dr. Tracey Sutton discovered the new species, calling it Lasiognathus dinema, describing it as having a unique esca — the flashing bioluminescent appendage that lures prey to the anglerfish.

“Finding this new species reinforces the notion that our inventory of life in the vast ocean interior is far from complete. Every research trip is an adventure and another opportunity to learn about our planet and the varied creatures who call it home,” said Dr. Sutton in a press release.

Sutton based her assertions on this new species after studying three female specimen. A male specimen of this new, bizarre anglerfish has not yet been discovered or studied, and much about the fish remains unknown.

“As a researcher, the one thing I know is that there’s so much more we can learn about our oceans. Every time we go out on a deep-sea research excursion there’s a good chance we’ll see something we’ve never seen before — the life at these depths is really amazing,” Sutton added.

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