Former child actor Frankie Muniz has welcome his first child, a boy, with wife Paige Muniz.

The Malcolm in The Middle Star announced his newborn’s birth in an Instagram post.

“World, meet my son Mauz Mosley Muniz,” he wrote. “he was born on March 22nd at 11:15 AM. That was the moment my life changed forever. I has heard that it would but I never would have expected the impact seeing my son would have on me. Honestly, I didn’t know it was possible to love anything as much as I love him. It took me a long time to post because I’ve been 1000% obsessed with him, already striving to make every moment he lives on earth the best it can possibly be.”

He continued, “I found myself very emotional the other day as I pondered how lucky I was to have the most incredible wife and now the most amazing child and thought how all I want from now on is to make the world a better place, for them. I’ve even chosen to give up my motorcycles and stick with listening to K-LOVE on the radio while driving the speed limit. I love you Mauz. I love you @pogmuniz.”

After Malcolm in the Middle came to an end in 2006, Muniz became a professional race car driver alongside his acting career. During a 2009 race, he crashed into a wall, breaking his back and suffered other injuries. While completing on Dancing With the Stars in 2017, Muniz revealed that he suffered memory loss and does not remember filming the 2000s sitcom.

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