On Sunday night, while most of the public was either tuned into MTV’s Video Music Awards or the season seven finale of Game of Thrones, singer Frank Ocean stealthily released a new song titled “Provider.”

Ocean first debuted the song on Sunday during his “blonded RADIO” show for Beats1 Radio. “Provider” is the sixth song the crooner has debuted on the radio show, having previously released “Biking,” “Chanel,” “Lens,” “Biking (Solo),” and “RAF” in the same fashion.

While he has not made the video available on YouTube, Ocean released a lyric video for the song on his website.

The video shows a man breaking down an old cassette-tape boom-box, replacing it’s standard speakers with much larger and more advanced ones. He also fashions the speaker with a flashlight and a machete on the back. Once the speaker is in order, he places in a tape with “Provider” on it. The song plays as a Hello Kitty face bounces along with the lyrics below like a distorted karaoke machine.

The jazzy-song with a complex structure is a tour in American pop culture with references to Stanley Kubrick, Aphex Twin, Talking Heads, Jaws, Patagonia clothing, and shoegaze.

Ocean rose to critical success and fame with the 2012 release of his album Channel Orange. In August 2016, four years after Channel Orange, Ocean released his second studio album Blonde, without much of any promotion.

The release of the album was a surprise to many and has seem to become the standard for Ocean’s releases ever since.

There is no indication that “Provider” is part of an album to be released anytime soon.

Listen to “Provider” below.

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