The Parents Television Council (PTC) is proposing that Last Man Standing be moved to Fox.


The Tim Allen show was canceled after six seasons at ABC, and many fans are upset with the choice. The show retained strong ratings throughout its run, but it is produced by Fox, and ABC cited cost difficulties as the reason for the cancelation.

Many are convinced, however, that Last Man was canceled due to its conservative leanings. Allen is also a known Republican, but ABC has vehemently denied the claim. Fans even started an online petition to boycott ABC as a result. Meanwhile, they have renewed the racy show The Mick. PTC is upset with the choice, and thinks they have the solution to keep everyone happy: move Last Man Standing to Fox.

“The Fox Television Network studio produces Last Man Standing – it has a higher rating than The Mick, it has safer content and therefore, the advertisers like it better,” said PTC president Tim Winter in a statement. “And they actually would profit because it’s a show that’s produced under its own roof. So, this is one of the very rare instances where in Hollywood, we have a win-win-win for families, for the network and for advertisers.”

Last Man Standing was ABC’s second most-watched comedy last season, behind only Modern Family. The cancelation has made such an uproar, that many are confident the show will find some way to stay on the air. “While Last Man Standing isn’t a perfect show for family audiences – we’ve given it a ‘Yellow Light Rating’ in our own rating system because of occasional sexual innuendo and language – it’s a much safer show for families than The Mick and, for that matter, much safer than most programs that air on primetime broadcast television,” declared Winter in PTC’s release.

20th Century Fox Television president Howard Kurtzman showed some interest in the show. “We’re starting to explore that,” Kurtzman said on Thursday. “If it’s not going to go forward at ABC, of course, [but Fox Co-President] Jonnie [Davis] and I are hopeful that we can find another home for it.”

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