Fox News anchor Meygn Kelly will be producing a new 6-episode comedy series called Embeds on Go90, Verizon’s streaming service.


The show will follow five young reporters on the campaign trail. While Kelly will be a producer, she will not be a showrunner. Todd Waldman will be heading up the production. The creators of the show are Sarah Palin biographer Scott Conroy, and Snapchat’s head of news Peter Hamby. The two met on the campaign trail in 2008. Each episode of Embeds will be 22 minutes long.

Conroy will be leaving his job at Vice to serve as executive producer, along with Michael De Luca and Bryan Haas.

Go90 has received less recognition than other similar streaming sites, despite involving some high powered celebrities. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck‘s new reality show The Runner will also stream on the platform. See the trailer for the competition show below.

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