The producers of Fox & Friends thought they had secured an interview with a pro-ICE Democrat from Arizona on live TV. However, they were surprised to hear the voice of Barbara L’Italien, Massachusetts state senator.

“I’m actually here to speak directly to Donald Trump. I feel that what’s happening at the border is wrong. I’m a mother of four and I believe that separating kids from the parents is illegal and inhumane,” L’Italien said Monday, to the shock of hosts Rob Schmitt and Jillian Mele. “I’m actually Barbara L’Italien, I’m a state senator from a large immigrant community.”


She continued to criticize the border separation policy, before being cut off after about a minute.

“I keep thinking about what we’re putting parents through, imagining how terrifying it must be for those families,” she said. “We have to stop abducting children and ripping them from their parents’ arms, stop putting kids in cages and stop making 3-year-olds defend themselves in court.”

“Who is this?” Schmitt said. “That didn’t go as planned.”


Fox & Friends producer Desiree Dunne said in statement the mix-up occurred due to an outdated press release.

“During the actual segment, Barbar L’Italien, appeared on camera instead of Kirkpatrick,” Dunne said. “Despite speaking to producers prior to the interview, L’Italien did not identify herself as anything other than Kirkpatrick until she was live on air, at which point we ended the interview.”

Host Schmitt took the mix-up a bit more personally:

In an interview, L’ltalien said her team wanted to take advantage of the mix-up to spread their beliefs on the issue.


“I think there was some frantic calling of someone in my comms office for sure. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get through my entire statement. I think we got through the first of three pages,” L’Italien said. “I was grateful to have the opportunity and we took advantage of it.”

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