California actress and ex-Disney princess, Rachel Buffett, has been convicted of lying to police to protect ex-fiancée Daniel Wozniak. 

In 2016, Wozniak was sentenced to death for the 2010 murder of Afghanistan War veteran, Samuel Herr, 26, and his friend Juri Kibuishi, 23, in an attempt to get quick money to fund wedding and honeymoon with Buffett. 

Yesterday, Buffett’s trial came to end where she was convicted of two counts of accessory to both murders committed by ex-fiancée Wozniak. 

Buffett is facing up to four years in prison, which is scheduled for Oct. 8.  

Back in 2010, after Wozniak had confessed to the murder of Herr and Kibuishi, Buffett made a public statement on national television where she denied any involvement in the murders. 

“I’m innocent and that’s what hurts me most in this whole situation is they’re trying to say I’m something I’m not,” Buffett told Dateline NBC.


According to the Orange County Register, Costa Mesa Police Lieutenant Ed Everett thought otherwise and went on to testify against Buffett.

“In my opinion, she should be sitting next to Mr. Wozniak right now,” he said during his testimony. 

During Buffett’s trial, others recalled ex-Disney princess and community theater actor behaving strangely at the time of the murders. 

Vylet Randolph, a friend of the couple remembered Wozniak freaking out when the news broke that Kibuishi’s body had been discovered. 

Prosecutors in Buffett’s trial accused Buffett of lying and switching her story to protect Wozniak on over 20 counts, going all the way back to when she repeated a story that Wozniak later told police was a lie.