Gary Dourdan, 45, who starred on eight seasons of CBS's Emmy Award-winning CSI, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy after facing an onslaught of seemingly never-ending financial problems.

Dourdan, who worked on CSI until his character, Warrick Brown, was killed off on the season nine premiere in 2008, filed an injunction at the end of August to prevent Wells Fargo bankers from auctioning off his Venice, Calif., home to pay for mortgage debts, reports Wonderwall. He filed for bankruptcy soon after. Dourdan is said to have approximately $1.8 million in assets while owing $1.73 million to various creditors and banks.

Dourdan reportedly earns almost $15K per month, all of which goes to bills except for about $300, which he claims comprises his monthly disposable income. He is not worried, however, anticipating that he'll be landing "major acting roles" in the future.

And this is not the first time Dourdan has been in financial trouble. In 2010, he was sued over credit card debt. He also had scrapes with the law dating from 2008, both for various drug charges and a charge of felony battery last November for allegedly breaking his girlfriend's nose — a charge to which he plead not guilty.

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