Several former employees of ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are elevating their accusations of sexual harassment against him, filing suit on him in Manhattan Federal Court. He is specifically being sued for sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation.

Bennett is also naming three other women as defendants, Melissa DeRosa, Jill DeRosiers and Judith Mogul for reportedly botching her complaint of harassment against Cuomo. About eleven women reported different instances of harassment from Cuomo according to a New York Attorney General report.

Bennett reported multiple instances of inappropriate behavior by Cuomo in a February 2021 New York Times article while she was working as his executive assistant. This included asking her inappropriate questions about her sex life, including whether she had sex with older men.

She also said that her career was “abruptly cut short because of Governor Cuomo’s and his top aides’ sexual harassment and retaliation against me.”

In his denial of the claims, Cuomo said that he was attempting to comfort Bennett when she was revealing that she was a sexual assault survivor. He also insinuated that these actions were politically motivated, but eventually resigned after the Attorney General’s report was published in April of 2021.

Bennett’s suit is the second that Cuomo is facing. In February, a state trooper sued Cuomo for suggestive remarks and touching her inappropriately without consent.

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