An ultrasound photo featuring a baby giving what appears to be a thumbs up from the womb has gone viral, and the baby has become known as the ‘Fonzie Fetus.’

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The ultrasound photo first gained attention when it was posted by the father, Brandon Hopkins, to his Facebook profile. Hopkins’ brother then shared the funny sonogram on Reddit, where users named the baby ‘Fonzie Fetus’ after the Happy Days character. On Happy Days, the forever-cool Fonzie was known for his signature move, the thumbs up.

“My brother called me and said, ‘Your babies are famous,’” Hopkins told HLN, revealing that mom is actually expecting twins.

The Fonzie Fetus has earned its own legion of fans, inspiring one to create a Twitter account for the famous unborn child.

Henry Winkler, the Fonz himself, re-tweeted a post of the sonogram picture on Tuesday.

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