In a pretty classic Florida story, a woman was arrested for reckless driving on Thursday and allegedly told officers that she only did it to check getting arrested off her bucket list.

Janiya Shaimiracle Douglas, 19, was arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office early Thursday morning after she was seen driving recklessly and didn’t initially stop when flagged by officers. She didn’t keep going for long though and eventually stopped for officers.

She told deputies for the sheriff’s office that she had wanted to get arrested since high school, so congrats to her for finally making that ambition a reality. Douglas was reportedly booked into jail and charged with fleeing and eluding.

Hopefully, this arrest won’t haunt Douglas later, and the process of going to jail probably wasn’t as fun as it may have seen beforehand. There are much less harmful ideas for a bucket list, and Douglas should consider may be planning to travel to a different country, or something else a little less extreme when she next decides to check off another bucket list item.

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