Will 2011 be the healthiest year in Hollywood? It will if it's up to stars like Jack Black, 41, Brandy, 31, Jason Segel, 30, and Jenny McCarthy, 38 (pictured).

These celebs are getting serious about their 2011 New Year's Resolutions to hit the gym, shape up, and eat right. McCarthy is looking forward to an active year. "I'm working out because it definitely makes me happier," the Scary Movie 3 actress told Us Magazine. "[Exercising] changes my whole outlook for the entire day. I do it to be happy and not for hard abs."

Gulliver's Travels star Black has more ambitious goals. "I'd like to try to drop 50 pounds or 40 pounds," the comedian told George Lopez on Lopez Tonight. He's relying on a strict workout to melt off the pounds. "My plan is the gymnasium. I'm gonna hit it hard in the New Year." For singer and last season's Dancing with the Stars sensation, Brandy, the New Year's resolution is more about diet control. "I'm going to try to go back to being a vegan, which is very hard and takes a lot of discipline, she told Us.

Of course some people's ambitions are less realistic than others'. When Segel was asked about the goals of his 2011 work out, the How I Met Your Mother star joked, "I'd like to get Ryan Reynolds' body," to PopSugar.com. "I'm close," he assured. "I mean, I'm like a week away!" —KIMBERLY STEELE

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