Fitbits are reliable companions for active athletes. Their functionality encompasses a multitude of aspects relevant to exercise, making them useful tools to keep track of your progress. Thankfully, the Fitbit Alta HR continues the reputation the brand is known for.


A sleek, nicely sized accessory for your wrist, the Alta HR and its smartphone app are ready to empower your workouts, albeit without some of the features of the Fitbit Charge 2, such as an altimeter. The Alta HR’s battery is promised to keep for “up to seven days,” although Gizmodo’s reviewer generally had to recharge after about six days had passed.

As for the compact screen, it displays all the requisite information a device of this specialty should: your heart rates, the steps you’ve walked, the distance you’ve trekked, the calories you’ve shed, and how close you are to your self-appointed goal for the day.

You can fine-tune your clock display to better serve your needs, and you can even send and receive messages and check a calendar. However, Gizmodo’s assessor noted that while the touch screen is reactive, it’s slow.

The HR contains a heart rate sensor, an identical model to some of its predecessors. While it may not guarantee accuracy to the finest, minute detail, Gizmodo’s reviewer noted how its readings matched her Apple Watch’s, which should be reliable enough for your average user.

Furthermore, the heart sensor’s usefulness extends to the night. You can monitor your sleeping habits, which in turn exposes the amount of time you spend in light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. Naturally, the HR’s alarm will gently wake you from your restful slumber. Afterwards, you can utilize this knowledge to adjust your evening routines for the better. This intel is Fitbit’s new Sleep Stages initiative.

The Fitbit Alta HR may not come with every bell and whistle but it’s still a reliable choice. The device comes in four colors and two sizes, with the connecting strap available in two colorations. The asking price can span from $149.95 to $179.95 as per Fitbit’s website.