David Lynch‘s beloved cult show Twin Peaks is returning on Showtime next year, and the very first teaser just launched.


The original series ran on ABC from 1990-1991 and produced 30 hour-long episodes in that time. The show garnered a fast cult fan base in a time when the Internet had just begun to play a larger role in the culture of television and media. Unfortunately for the plot, the network forced Lynch to end the program before it had even really begun. So much fan support developed online that they actually made a new movie-length episode in 1992 to tie up loose ends.

The show will hopefully now be what Lynch originally intended. The teaser, which featured a lot of familiar faces from the original, seems to promise just that. Kyle MacLachlan‘s lovably weird Special Agent Dale Cooper will return, and seems excited by the project when he says of his experience with the new show, “we knew it was gonna be something special, we just didn’t know in what form or how.” He continued, “there’s nothing I could say to describe it, it’s been absolutely wonderful.”

Collaborator Chrysta Bell perhaps put it best: “Prepare to be a little out of your comfort zone in the best possible way.”

Check out the clip below.

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