Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are almost back as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on season five of AMC's hit show, Breaking Bad, which will return on some to-be-declared date in July 2012.

In distinctively un-Walter-esque fashion, Cranston joked around with the press at a recent taping of Breaking Bad, which is currently in production. Cranston even gave a coveted glimpse of a plot twist in action … only you couldn't hear anything.

"I'm talking softly right now," Cranston playfully told the cameras while incongruously sporting his intimidating Walter White getup, "because we're actually on the set and we're shooting …. They're just rolling now on a shot in season five — you gotta see this. If we panned over right now, which we're not, you'd see something that was revealing a plot point. We can't show you that," Cranston continued to toy.

"I can't really tell you what's about to happen, but lots of secrets," echoed Paul, also taking the time to assure that Season Five is "going to be crazy."

Tune in when season five of Breaking Bad, also starring Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt and Bob Odenkirk premieres this summer on AMC.

Watch the video here:

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