Camila Cabello and Mark Ronson transform into an 80s-pop singer and producer duo on “Find U Again.” The song is the third single to be unleashed from Ronson’s upcoming fifth studio album, Late Night Feelings, which is set for a June 21 release.

The album is described as containing sad bangers and “Find U Again” definitely finds itself running up that alley. On it, Cabello sings regretfully about losing connection with a loved one while Ronson provides heavy synths and a thick bassline. The production is reminiscent of something Cashmere Cat and The 1975 could have come up with.

Cabello previously worked with Cashmere Cat on a song titled “Love Incredibe,” prior to her departure from Fifth Harmony, and has described the first four-chord progressions in The 1975’s “Somebody Else” as the best in pop music. Clearly, she’s someone who has done her homework before agreeing to do a song of this caliber.


That’s why it’s Cabello who shines here, with vocals smooth enough to cut through ice. Her vocal inflictions during the pre-chorus sections carry the song through to a shortened climax and onto a barely sung, barely rapped second verse. An instrumental breakdown in the second half of the song becomes the cherry on top of this pity party’s cake. After being dealt all of these emotions, the song comes to a dramatic stop, leaving the listener with unresolved angst. But that’s what getting over someone is like, right?

You can almost sense through the heartache on the song that Cabello and Ronson were not in it for the success and accolades when making this song. Cabello already found massive success with her hit-single “Havana” and its mother album, Camila, while Ronson has reached new heights in his career, teaming up with artists like Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, producing hits like “24k Magic” and “Shallow,” respectively.

Although “Find U Again” may not find the same success as the previously mentioned songs, it’s worth noting that these two artists, from seemingly different worlds, have found common ground and in that ground they found a diamond in the rough, if not a diamond-certified single.

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