A Filipino man named James is claiming to be Johnny Depp’s long-lost son in a now-viral TikTok that has gained millions of views. According to the video, the realization that Depp may be his father came after years’ worth of unanswered questions about his biological father and abuse from his mother who would respond to his questions with “violence.”

James’ innovative, albeit very public, solution was to use TikTok as a platform to go through the evidence he has accumulated over the years.

According to a video posted to his account @Tanlife999, James first began thinking Depp may be his father after he found a picture of him alongside an Asian woman, whom he believes to be his mother, on the set of Platoon (1986), which was filmed in the Philippines.

He goes on to explain that his birth certificate has his father listed as “unknown” and that his birthdate, October 15, 1986, is likely to be incorrect as per a citation his mother received for not registering his birth for a year. Moreover, an ancestry test showed James to be 16% Scottish, 25% English, as well as some Welsh, German and Irish on his father’s side.

At the moment, Depp has two children – Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp – with French singer and model Vanessa Paradis. James claims that he is not trying to make false allegations and that views can “take a look into it if anything, help prove me wrong.”

As expected, James’s bold claims have led to polarized reactions from fans who either think he is the spitting image of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor or shares no similarity with him at all.

Additionally, while Platoon was in fact filmed in the Philippines in 1986, Depp was dating Sherilyn Fenn at the time.

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