While it's no surprise to fans of the CW show, The Vampire Diaries, that Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) might just be the hottest couple both on and off television, it looks like they're not destined to heat up the big screen together anytime soon — at least not in the highly anticipated movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the erotic S&M novel by E. L. James.

While neither Somerhalder nor Dobrev has confirmed participation in the movie, both have been high up on the list of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele hopefuls, according to Examiner, partly based on their onscreen chemistry on The Vampire Diaries … and it probably doesn't hurt that they're a real-life couple, too.

Despite the fact that Dobrev and Somerhalder have expressed interest in the no-doubt career-making role of Fifty Shades, the people in the know have virtually assured that the two will not appear together in the film (or if either one will, for that matter). Viewers, the producers worry, "might have some trouble seeing [Somerhalder and Dobrev] as anything but themselves on screen, or their television alter egos, which is likely at least."

So while one or the other could still land the role, you can bet that it's not going to be both, no matter how many fanfiction stories you write or petitions you draw up.

Other rumored or hopeful Christian Greys have included Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Gosling, Alex Pettyfer, Henry Cavill and Bradley Cooper. Possible Anas could be Mila Kunis, Alexis Bledel, Alexandra Daddario, Emilia Clarke, Felicity Jones, Ashley Greene or Elizabeth Olsen.

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