Fifth Harmony performed their hits “Angel” and “Down” with Gucci Mane at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards last night, and blasted former member Camila Cabello in the process.


Cabello left the girl group in Dec. 2016. While the remaining foursome has said they are happy for Cabello and wish her the best, they took the petty road at the VMAs. “We’re so happy, and we moved forward, and we’re in a good place, and we hope she’s in a good place, and that’s really what matters,” member Lauren Jauregui told USA Today earlier this month, equating the break to a celebrity divorce. “Everyone should just be in their own lane, do their own thing and stop worrying about everything else. We’re all artists — we’re not here for stupid back-and-forth drama,” she continued. “We said our piece, it’s in the past and we’re moving forward, that’s the narrative we want to give.”

But the sentiments appeared vastly different at the VMAs. The four remaining members, Jauregui, Ally BrookeNormani Kordei, and Dinah Jane, took the stage along with a figure of a fifth member. Just before the song started, the four pulled off wigs, and the fifth shadow member flew off the stage as well.

The reasoning for the move is unclear, and could just be a publicity stunt. Celebrity feuds have been the fodder of hot gossip this year. Take Taylor Swift for example, and her issues with both Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Her entire sixth album, entitled Reputation, appears to be based on the many feuds and media coverage. Perhaps Fifth Harmony wanted in on the action.

Fans of the group and of Cabello were unhappy with the stunt. “Fifth harmony has a lot of growing up to do. It’s time to leave Camlia in the past! It’s ok to be sad but let’s not be bitter,” one Twitter user stated. “This is a clear attempt at using Camila’s name with controversy to draw attention to their irrelevant brand,” said another.

Fifth Harmony just released their third album on Friday, their first without Cabello. The album drop coincided with the VMAs for publicity. Cabello’s debut solo album, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving, drops Sept. 22.

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