Still reeling from the pay-for-access sting operation that revealed her unsavory side, Duchess Sarah Ferguson might be finding a new ally from across the pond: Donald Trump.

A TV executive tells, "Donald Trump himself wants to help Sarah out of this awful mess that she has gotten herself into and is discussing finding Sarah a role on his hit show The Apprentice. It’s not yet clear if Sarah would compete, judge or be Donald’s eyes and ears on the next season of the Apprentice – not the celebrity version. However, what is clear is that whatever Donald wants, he usually gets."

Fergie was caught offering access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, who is Britain’s international  trade ambassador for 500,000 pounds ($724,000) by an undercover reporter and camera crew. She will appear on Oprah next Tuesday to discuss the scandal and her new line of children’s books. –JOE GALBO

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  • ElenaCox
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    She's really shameless. This is not the way to fix her reputation.

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