Duchess of York Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson has found a new way to save money – firing her entire staff. Fergie felt the difficulty of her financial situation was too much for her to handle and was unable to afford the upkeep. An official statement over the weekend reported: "The Duchess felt that this was the right thing to do given the circumstances." The move will save Fergie an estimated 700,000 pounds, according to reports from the UK’s Daily Mail.

The Duchess made headlines earlier this summer when she was caught on tape attempting to sell time with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, to an undercover British reporter. She has notoriously lived beyond her means for years, turning to corporate deals – such as acting as a Weight Watchers spokesperson – and paid appearances for additional income.

Her ex-husband will reportedly be handling The Duchess’ affairs until she is able to "get back on her feet." A spokesman for the Prince told press that "The Duke of York is very supportive of the Duchess during this difficult time." –ELENA COX

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    It's sad how someone can simultaneously be a waste of space and also wasteful.

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