Fear the Walking Dead began it’s season 3 midseason finale with Alicia and Jake meeting up to talk to Walker. He is still convinced that Jeremiah Otto stole his land and killed his family members, despite police finding no evidence.


While for Jake and his family, the outbreak meant the end of the world in the Biblical sense, for Walker it meant a return of land to the “first humans,” aka the Native Americans. “The days of the white man’s courts are over,” he said, calling the time period, the “unveiling.”

The three make a deal. Alicia will stay hostage at Black Hat, while one of Walker’s men will play hostage at the Broke Jaw Ranch. The person sent? None other than Ofelia, Daniel’s daughter. While with Walker, Alicia begins to see that he’s not the horrible man that the Ottos make him out to be.

Elsewhere, Madison convinces Troy to create a rescue team to get her daughter back. It causes far more problems than it solves, and ends with many deaths. In addition, Jake is pissed that Madison seems to be calling the shots. He tries to bring water to Ofelia and Walker, he is nearly scalped.

Ofelia gets retribution later when she slips poison powder into the coffee supply. It’s all quiet until Troy and his men start throwing up, dying, and becoming walkers. It takes Nick as well, before Madison sees Ofelia running away and knows she has something to do with it. This scene ends the first part of the 2-hour finale.

The second hour explains that it was Otto who left Ofelia in the desert to die. He assumed she was an illegal immigrant and opened fire. Upon realizing she was a citizen, he lets her live, but will not open his doors to her. Walker finds her in the desert, and feeds, bathes, and clothes her.

Back to the present time, Madison catches Ofelia in her escape attempt and tortures her for information. She brings her at gunpoint to Walker’s reservation and demands he tell her what the poison was and how to cure it. He tells her it was anthrax and there is no cure, but if Nick is strong, he could beat it. And lo and behold, he survives.

He remembers something a drunk Otto once said, and he digs into the earth to find a skull. He confronts Otto and discovers the skull belongs to Walker’s father. Otto admits he also killed Walker’s uncle, and another man. It becomes clear that the Ottos have been living in a bubble of racism and false patriotism, and that Jeremiah himself won’t be leaving that bubble any time soon.

Alicia and Madison return from the reservation, bringing a large faction of the tribe with them. The ranch is surrounded. Nick tells Alicia and Madison about the skull, and the Clarks finally realize they have been fighting for the wrong side this whole time.

We see a flashback of Madison as a little girl, of how she constantly watched her drunk father beat her mother, until one day she took matters into her own hands and shot him in the head. It is a sad moment, but one that further explains how far Madison is willing to go to save her family.

This brings us to the final scene of the episode. Madison strolls into Otto’s office and watches him drink his nightly whiskey. She brings a gun and wants him to shoot himself, but he refuses. She holds the gun to his head, but before she can pull the trigger, Nick enters, and kills Otto himself. Madison, the mother she is, stages the death to look like a suicide.

The next day, however, she brings Jeremiah’s head to Walker, sealing the deal between them.

Season 3 will pick up again in the fall.

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