Fear the Walking Dead picks up episode three of its third season with a preparation video by Jeremiah Otto. “Our country is ablaze,” he says. “If only our ancestors could see the chaos of modern America.”


Otto’s sons Jake and Troy react to the situation in two very different ways – the former with compassion, the latter with ire. The second scene sees the funeral for Charlene, a helicopter pilot who died trying to see Madison, Alicia, Jake, and Luciana. “Travis, he was our compass,” Madison says of her late second husband. “We can’t afford to lose ourselves. We’re more than a mob,” adds Jake. The other ranchers dislike Madison and her family, and branded them “The Unprepared.”

Alicia has been struggling with killing Andres, and decided to go with Gretchen to her teen Bible Study group. Alicia is pleased to find out that the group is really just an excuse to make fun of Biblical terms while getting drunk and high. Their mascot, a severed head of a walker, is called Jeff. “Chaos. Ruin. It changes you,” Alicia says when asked what it’s like outside Otto’s Broke Jaw Ranch. “Not like Jeff, something worse. You can’t rely on the Troys of the world. Sometimes you have to handle your own s–t.”

Luciana is still locked to her bed after her illness, in fear that she could die and turn. Nick looks out for her, but knows they need to stay put. Madison, on the other hand, returns to her home and finds Troy waiting for her. He tells her that he’s chosen her to join him because she understands the new world, but that Nick doesn’t deserve to be there. Maddie, of course, disagrees. She then warns her children to stay away from Troy.

Jake takes it upon himself to speak to Troy and warn him to stay away from the Clark family. “If the ranch knew what you really are,” he says, stopping before saying aloud that his brother is an unstable meth addict with a machine gun. Troy manipulatively reassures Jake that all his lab experimentation is for their own good.

Maddie then bonds with Otto over their unhappy pasts – her father, and Otto’s late wife were drunks. They also speak about their sons’ drug addictions. Meanwhile, Nick almost shoots Troy, and Troy even urges him to do it. “If you do, you should time it,” he says, wanting Nick to continue experimenting on the time it takes to turn after death. They scuffle, and end up deciding they can be friends.

Off away from the compound, Victor arrives as a dam looking for a man named Dante. In this part of the continent, near the USA-Mexican border, water is currency. When they meet, Dante turns on Victor, accusing him of stealing his partner Thomas, and threatens to throw him to the walkers. Instead, however, he decides to stick him in a cage so he can work to pay his dues.

While locked up, Victor finds Daniel Salazar, Ofelia’s father who was assumed dead. He offers water and to be his savior. Though the two had appeared at odds in the past, now they must team up to survive. “I told you I’d be your guardian angel,” said Daniel threateningly.

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