Campier than Gary Graham's neo-Victorian edge and decidedly more retro than Ann Demuelemeester's avant-garde deconstructionism, Anna Sui nevertheless proved herself worthy of the Steampunk stamp on the Spring 2013 runway — unveiling an eclectic line that seemed to waver on the border of an identity crisis before reeling it back just far enough to turn the combination of French antique influences and the designer's own 70s punk background into one exquisitely bizarre show. Mashing up embroidered brocade in pastels with leather bondage pants, Sui stayed true to her arts-and-crafts foundation, as well as her wig fetish, adorning models with short cotton-candy pink or aqua blue hair that tapped into the sci-fi roots of Steampunk while remaining playful and light.

Detroit-born Sui, whose quintessential rock glam style has earned her a cult-like following, coincidentally unleashed her measured chaos shortly after the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced its 2013 exhibit "PUNK: Chaos to Couture," which celebrates the punk aesthetic of the likes of Mandy Coon and Thom Browne.

Check out Anna Sui's style at last year's Fashion Week Spring 2012:

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