Farrah Abraham released her second single, “Blowin,” and a music video, which features Abraham and her four-year-old daughter, Sophia.

'Blowin': New Single By Farrah Abraham

In the video, Abraham is seen walking in a grassy field with her daughter, both wearing off-white, long dresses. Those sweeter images contrast with shots of Abraham dancing provocatively in a club, drinking and wearing in a skintight dress.

Abraham released her first single, “On My Own” in the summer of 2012, though the single was not well received.

Her amateur music video for “On My Own” also heavily featured clips of her daughter, Sophia, as well as alluding to her late boyfriend who died before Sophia was born. It was a part of her debut album My Teenage Dream Ended, which was a musical accompaniment to her book of the same name.

Like “On My Own,” “Blowin” is a heavily auto-tuned track, but the Teen Mom’s newest single is less about Abraham’s past and more about her future and being independent. Abraham said she was inspired by her new home in Austin, Texas, where she has gained new perspective on all the negative things people write about her or say to her as a public figure.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere without Austin, Texas, bullies and my supporters and I feel showed that in ‘Blowin,’” Abraham said in an interview with In Touch.

“I’m blowin’ all these bullies away,” Abraham sings in the chorus – lyrics she penned herself.

“I think all of the bully types I deal with… who are determined to be against me in my life. I want others to see they don’t need to be a follower or conform to what others think or do and let them live their lives to their full potential. I feel that to overcome the gravity of the negativity bullies try to portray on others, we really need our own space and focus to leave all of that behind and clear the negativity,” Abraham said about her song.

Screenshot of "Blowin" via YouTube

Abraham calls out her haters in the video, singing next to images of negative tweets supposedly sent to her: “Ugliest crying face ever award goes to Farrah Abraham,” reads one tweet, while another Twitter user asks, “Does anyone else find Farrah Abraham annoying or is confused why she’s on Couples Therapy by herself?”

In “Blowin,” Abraham also lets loose on the nature of celebrity, or, as she writes in the ‘About’ section below her video, “Celeburty [sic]” singing, “Being ourselves made us famous.”

Abraham also declares her love of fame, with lyrics that read, “Bein a star / Is better then [sic] / Not knowin (not knowin) / Who your [sic] are.”

Abraham Has No Plans To Release An Album

Abraham first came into public consciousness when she appeared on the first season of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, in an episode that chronicled the end of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Sophia, when Abraham was only 16. The show was a hit, and Abraham went on to star in MTV’s Teen Mom from 2009-2012.

Abraham has tried her hand at many careers. She attended culinary school, works as a model and reportedly made millions off a porn video she made with porn star James Deen – she claims it was a private video and that they were dating at the time, he says it was a business arrangement. However, she insists that she doesn’t have ‘pop star’ listed as one of her career goals.

“I think if I feel passionate about a subject, then I will write a song and share with others who I know can relate. Personally, music is a hobby, not my career move, but I hope others enjoy it as much as my daughter and I do,” Abraham said.

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